Ulrich's Xfce desktop


ViruSzZ's Xfce desktop

mikaj's Xfce desktop

Fun with Maple 13.

jauthu's Xfce desktop

Xfce desktop with awesome as window manager on HP Probook 4515s laptop.

basiliscos's Xfce desktop

dmols' screenshot of terminal running xfce. On the background: "Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus" by Joseph Mallord William Turner, English Romantic watercolourist.

djsmiley who forgot his password ;)'s Xfce desktop

Brand new system build, just configured for contest only to realize I missed the date by 2 days :(

winter's Xfce desktop

carmey's Xfce desktop

the panels are created by xfce, and the content of the bottom panel is created by conky. window decorator is x11-wm/emerald. icon theme is lila (designed for kde, so it needed some modification to work with xfce). i use the ubuntu font for everything except the terminal window, which is monospace

the desktop was supposed to mimic the user interface from the sci-fi game 'Anarchy Online'. wallpaper is taken from their website

godmachine81's Xfce desktop

The Desktop view in xfce is tailored for the ability to quickly view system hardware information / performance, task panel provides quick access to my top used apps, panel also includes my sensors for the cpu temp, a system load monitor, and of course the task list / system tray. Using Gkrellm, gdesklets, on the bare desktop, with no-icon view. Background is that of "The Dead Man's Hand" :) Hope you like this lightweight desktop guys!!

Berr's Xfce desktop

Xfce desktop. Gtk style: Mist. Icons: GNOME-Brave.
gkrellm. mpd plugin: gkrellmpc.
Wallpaper: Sign of the Hammer. (I took Manowar's Sign of the Hammer album cover and switched the colors).
Terminal: terminal (without borders and menus) with default xfce compositing.
Programs are started by shortcuts or by xfce-verve-plugin.
The quote is from Duke Nukem.


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