Fitzcarraldo's Kde desktop

My KDE desktop. The wallpaper is a poster image of Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang (who doesn't really have blue eyes) in Memoirs of a Geisha. Plasmoids on the desktop istself are Folder View, Hardware Temperature, Network Monitor and yaWP. I have two launcher icons on the Panel: one is Lancelot and the other Takeoff. I prefer Takeoff to launch my favourites, as it can be configured to have a big pane and widely-spaced icons.

disi's Gnome desktop

Gnome 3.4.3 shell view
Running: Terminal, Firefox and Totem

Installed extensions:
* Advanced Volume Mixer
* Frippery Shut Down Menu
* Media player indicator
* Quit Button
* Remove Accessibility
* System-monitor

basiliscos's Xfce desktop

dmols' screenshot of terminal running xfce. On the background: "Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus" by Joseph Mallord William Turner, English Romantic watercolourist.

livibetter's Dwm desktop

rxvt-unicode with fake transparency for my own desktop wallpaper (GentooLogoSketch). Using dzen2 for my system resource monitor. Playing music using mpd with ncmpcpp along with dzen2 current song popup. The top pane of tmux in urxvt window is my own stream reader (clis).

You can find my dotfiles at GitHub, especially you want to see my dzen2 codes.

aisbaa's Fluxbox desktop

tarik's Kde desktop

A screenshot from the new year's day long long years ago.
It may not fit the contest rules since there is no emerge --info output but the kernel version can be seen.
Just for fun.
KDE-3.3.1 and some games installed.
Also a Nokia 3300 :) which is not connected but appears at the end of the list of disks.

tarik's Kde desktop

Simple looking but powerful desktop with wallpaper clock and yakuake on top.

Diabolist(ryan)'s Kde desktop

Nothing too fancy, just me playing with some C++ and Irlicht Engine, with a pretty standard KDE Desktop; very productive enviroment

Gentoo64's Openbox desktop

Urxvtd + ZSH

Garrappachc's Kde desktop

It is simple, but functional and powerful desktop. The traybar is on the second panel, hidden. The K-Gentoo icon is taken from KFaenza theme.


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