BillyBob's Openbox desktop

This is an LXDE desktop, but that wasn't one of the choices in the "Linux Desktop" list. I used various icons that I found on the web, and blacked out the background of the bottom panel to match the wallpaper. There is another panel on top, set to auto-hide, that holds my minimized windows and the desktop pager.

lutherus's Xmonad desktop

JabbaXM6's Openbox desktop

My main PC is defect, this is my secondary machine.

The font color of conky and the terminals are in the style.

cyberbat's Kde desktop

aCOSwt's Kde desktop

System Specs Cont : Audio : 8 channels M-AUDIO 2496 PCI

Screenshot expressing my gratitude to :

- Krzysztof Pawlik : As maintainer of sys-kernel/ck-sources (here : 3.2.6)
- The Gentoo KDE team : As maintainers of kde-base/kde-meta (here : 4.8.3)
- Alexis Ballier : As maintainer of media-sound/jack-audio-connection-kit (here : 0.121.3)
- Michał Górny : As maintainer of media-sound/yoshimi (here : 0.060.12)
- Tim Harder : As maintainer of media-sound/audacity (here : 2.0.0)
- Samuli Suominen : As maintainer of x11-libs/fltk (here : 1.3.0-r1)

AlysKaty's Kde desktop


mariom's Awesome desktop

A urxvt terminal under my awesome wm config.

quantumfunk's Awesome desktop

This scrot is my 4 year old laptop, which performs better today than it did when new.
Thanks to Gentoo, making old rigs perform better then new consumer level products I will use
this laptop forever, or however long technology allows me to live. I will get it implanted
in my brain if that technology arrives first.
In the scrot is
- Awesome WM with Viscous widgets
- urxvt tabbed w/ ncmpcpp + mpd
- urxvt w/ colortest & Archey script
All windows in floating mode for shot, I use them tiled for day to day usage.

squire's Gnome desktop

Dualscreen Multimedia-Server with realtime-audio (jackdbus 5,3ms, ladish) on Audiotrack ProDigy-7.1-Hifi.
Connectivity: http, https, ssh, nfs, samba, webdav, caldav, audio- videostreaming, dlna, daap.
Remotecontrol: lirc, android, vnc, rdp

Shadowman2k6's Kde desktop

This is my everyday desktop. I have spent several days tweaking it to my liking. The wallpaper is actual images from the Spitzer Space Telescope. The info sidebar are custom scripts using Yasp Scripted from


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