gravitino's Gnome desktop

jr's Dwm desktop

Hookswag's Kde desktop


Picnic's Openbox desktop

conky&tint2 with xcompmgr, wallpaper by p276159290

genblood's Gnome desktop

Here is the screen shot of my Gentoo Desktop

eL Bunda's Kde desktop

savior's Dwm desktop

Terminal emulator: Terminator
Font: Terminus
WM: dwm
Background manager: feh
and cmatrix for added matrixness :)

leviathan's Kde desktop

Pete's Awesome desktop

Entry has been edited in GIMP to hide WAN IP. Software shown:
- urxvt (+ xcompmgr for managing transparency)
- ASCIIQuarium ( for animated wallpaper, achieved with a urxvt and some awesomewm rules to keep it in the background
- awesome
- conky, kept visible at all times by a see-through awesomewm widget

vimja's Awesome desktop

My typical setup for large emerges. Keep everything under control.


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