M4rk's Gnome desktop

Not much time to configure it the way I would like, but for the time being it gets the job done.

noface's Openbox desktop

Randy Andy's Kde desktop

Turn the Cube with KDE-4.8.4
F...NVIDIA Theme, with special thanks to Linus, from Cologne.

Randy Andy's Kde desktop

Randy Andy's Kde desktop

motoko's Fluxbox desktop

phlux's Kde desktop

Pretty barebones KDE with konsole.

Eraindil's Openbox desktop

Right: conky/lua
Bottom left: screenlets
Bottom: Avant-window-navigator
Top: Tint2 svn version

avkhatri's Openbox desktop

Simple desktop running openbox.

Wallpaper was found here


moschlar's Gnome desktop


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