violetina's Openbox desktop

This isnt openbox but razor-qt :x but that wasnt in the list
<3 NON-things

kamild's Kde desktop

midle's Openbox desktop

Windows manager - LXDE.

lkraav's I3 desktop

Officially confirmed gorgeous by solarized creator @ethanschoonover, hells yes!

Ulrich's Xfce desktop


Climber's Kde desktop

It is a laptop

pll's Compiz desktop

Gothic blue stand alone Compiz desktop

Programs: compiz (0.8.8), emerald window decorator, gnome-terminal, conky with personal extensions and myGtkMenu for the *box style desktop-menu.

Wallpaper: frederica_bernkastel from Umineko

nand's Xmonad desktop

Programs in use: xmonad, xmobar, urxvt, bash, weechat, vimus, vim, firefox (pentadactyl)
Some config files available here:

dmalikov's Xmonad-contrib desktop

Environment: xmonad, xmobar-usable[1], trayer.
Xmobar-usable is xmobar with minor fix that allows to have compiled configs like in xmonad.

Screenshot is made by xmonad-screenshot[2] utility.

A lot of config files is available from my dotfiles[3] github repo.


Coxie's Openbox desktop

Simple openbox setup on my laptop. Nothin' fancy.

The purple colors for the ob menu are #A349A4 and #FFAEC9 (the rest of the default Onyx theme is unaltered).


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